The 6 Reasons Why Students Drop Out of College

The 6 Reasons Why Students Drop Out of College

Every year thousands of students drop out of college. The reason why they do this differs for each student, but there are some common reasons why students fail to graduate.

Here is a list of the six most common reasons students drop out of college:

1. Financial Problems

Many times financial problems are what prevent students from graduating. Students who cannot afford tuition payments or fees may drop out in order to get a job and save up money before returning back to school. Other students may choose not to go back because by dropping out they now have more time (and therefore money) that can be used on expenses other than schooling costs so they no longer need their parent’s support.

2. Homesickness

Homesickness is another reason why students drop out of college. This usually happens when a student leaves home in order to attend school at the place they are attending, but after time misses and longs for their family and friends back home so much that they decide it would be better to return home than finish college.

3. Job Responsibilities

Many students who had originally planned on going back to school may quit because of job responsibilities preventing them from returning to college. Sometimes these jobs take priority over education as they bring more money or life necessities as well as providing an easier way of life than spending hours studying every day all while still living away from home.

4. Bad Grades

The main reason most people fail is bad grades, which lead to dropping out. If a student gets bad grades and fails classes it may lead them to drop out of college because they don’t see the point in staying if their grades will not bring them any further than failing. This is made worse when students are paying more for tuition with each failed class, causing them to lose even more money.

5. Bad Attendance

Bad attendance is another major reason why some students choose to drop out of college, this usually happens when a student lives too far away from their school which makes commuting very difficult sometimes alongside other obligations that cause them to miss days or weeks at a time. Often times missed classes lead to more work being assigned after returning, causing the student’s day(s) off to turn into cram sessions to catch up.

6. Too Lazy

Sometimes students are just too lazy to continue going to school, but instead of dropping out, they rack up debt by taking an extra year or two trying to graduate. This is not the smartest idea however as with each passing semester more interest builds on their debt causing it to grow ever larger which can become harder and harder to pay off making it almost impossible for them to avoid defaulting on their loans if they don’t finish school soon.

Although these are some common reasons why students drop out there are many others that could cause a student to make this choice, only the individual student knows what made them quit college and what reasons were strong enough for them to drop out. Those who make the choice to drop out will usually end up missing out on a lot in life and may regret quitting school when it is too late to go back.